Texans go to the polls this November. The November election has several issues on the ballot. That includes who will be the next governor of Texas. The candidates for governor are incumbent Greg Abbott and challenger Beto O’Rouke. The gubernatorial race pits a staunch republican against a progressive democrat. Both have very different opinions on many issues that affect Texans. Here is where both candidates stand on some of the biggest concerns for Texans.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Women across Texas are coping with the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. The ruling affects access to reproductive care for women across the state. The ruling has also kept doctors in a legal gray area and unable to care for their female patients. Abbott vows to uphold the Supreme Court’s choice to restrict reproductive care. Beto promises to support access to reproductive care. Beto also vows not to punish women seeking reproductive care.


Marijuana decriminalization is one of Beto’s most significant rallying points. In addition, President Biden’s recent marijuana pardons aid the argument for decriminalization.

Abbott maintains all pardons must go through Texas’ Board of Pardons and Parole. Abbott is unlikely to pursue the decriminalization of marijuana. 67% of Texans are seeking the legalization of marijuana.

LGBTQIA/Trans Rights

The Supreme Court will discuss marriage equality in October. Beto promises to uphold marriage equality and the rights of transgender individuals. Abbott aligns with more conservative views. Abbott wishes to keep marriage traditional (between a man and a woman). During his time as governor, Abbott criminalized gender-affirming surgery for transgender youths. Abbott’s ruling goes against the 66% of Texans who support LGBT+ rights.

Police Reform

Police reform is on the minds of most Texans. Since the death of George Floyd, Americans have wanted tangible change, including calls to defund the police. Governor Abbott signed bills to help change police procedure accountability in 2019. However, critics argue that Abbott’s measures are not enough. Police brutality remains a concern for Texans. Beto promises meaningful police reform without defunding the police.


Gun violence in Texas costs $16.6 billion per year. Governor Abbott assures that no change must happen after the Uvalde shooting, but Beto pledges substantial gun reform for Texas to prevent further loss of life. Texas supports gun rights. Recent mass shootings are changing the way Texans view gun reform.

This November, Texans go to the polls, and criminal justice reform is an essential issue for all. Easy Expunctions will see you at the polls this November.  

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