Online dating revolutionized the way we find love. Many online dating apps are all about putting your best foot forward. But do some dating apps run background checks? Who is hiding behind a dating profile? Find out how your criminal record may be on display if you’re online dating.

What Apps Use Background Checks

Most apps claim not to mandate background checks. But several apps say in their terms of service that they will sometimes run background checks., the owner of dating apps Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Hinge, and more, runs background checks on users. Tinder does not allow felons or registered sex offenders to use the app. Hinge runs background checks on users, especially after a misconduct report. Some dating apps do make criminal record searches available to users. Tinder allows premium users to run background checks on users. Other sites enable background checks as part of their paid app experience. No sites offer background checks to users for free.

What Apps Don’t Use Background Checks

Not all dating apps run background checks. eHarmony does not run background checks on users. A popular dating app, Zoosk, also does not use background checks. Silver Singles, a dating app aimed at older users, does not run background checks. Finally, Elite Singles does not run background checks.

Some apps do not ask for background checks because it is too expensive or difficult to run for each user. In addition, some sites claim that there is no need to run background checks on users and that they trust their users.

Why Do Users Support Background Checks on Dating Apps

Dating app users support background checks for users—apps like Bumble and Hinge attract female users by providing the safest experience. To many females, safety means access to users without a criminal record. Some female users will even use independent background checks on potential matches. Safety is a big reason female users support background checks on dating apps. However, not all female users worry about background checks when dating online. Male users are less likely to worry about their date passing a background check.

A criminal record can make online dating difficult. Several dating apps will run background checks on users. While not mandatory, a criminal record hinders your chances of finding love online. Clear your criminal record with Easy Expunctions. Easy Expunctions makes the expunction process simple through technology. Clear your reputation and find love online with Easy Expunctions.

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